A year later - To my Angel, Happy Mother’s Day.

Updated: Mar 30

My mom was the greatest mom anyone can ask for. She sacrificed so much for my family to make sure we got what we needed while growing up despite the struggles. She was a beautiful person inside and out who's smile and enthusiasm would brighten up the room she walks in. Putting other's before herself and seeing them smile was what fueled my mom's happiness. I knew my mom has impacted so many people's lives once I saw how much people showed up to her viewing and funeral. Most people who I've never met before would come up to me telling stories of how my mom has impacted their lives. I knew she helped people at work, but never realized to what extent until that time.

My relationship with my mom was great in a sense where I can talk to her about anything. There were some rocky moments

with me being stubborn growing up, but she would always be there for me no matter what. Growing up she was heavily involved in everything. Whether it was sports, music recitals, and school, she was always involved somehow which I can't thank her enough for looking back.

My last moments with my mom were tough. It was Mother's Day 2018... I remember walking into the room with balloons and flowers not knowing these would be the last moments with my mom. My family and I were gathered in her room telling stories and after some time, we started to realize that her vitals weren't looking right. After being in the ICU room constantly throughout the 3 weeks, we've learned what to look out for. My sister and I began to ask questions and this was the moment when the nurses admitted that she wasn't looking too good and that the doctor would be coming in soon. The doctor came in and pretty much told us that my mom hasn't been improving for several days and that she may pass soon. Knowing my mom had fought hard for 3 weeks which was surprising in the condition she was in, my family kept pushing the doctors to allow my mom to take her last breath on her own. In the early morning hours after Mother's Day, my mom took her last breath. I'm thankful to God for allowing my mom to spend Mother's Day with us because I knew she wanted to be there with us.

The hardest parts of my experience was seeing my dad and my sister deal with the grief of my mom passing. I had to be strong for them because I knew that's what my mom would have done for us. I knew it was going to be okay once the funeral was over. I knew I had several other mom's, my titas (mom's sisters), who would be there for me if I needed "motherly" advice.

Not too long ago, I became overwhelmed with school and work to the point where there wasn't enough time in the day to deal with everything at the same time. Several events happened one after the other to the point where I was constantly stressed, I wasn't sleeping right, and just

felt overwhelmed to the point where it was impacting my performance at work and school.

My mom would of just told me to handle things as best as I could and not let thing's I can't control dictate my life. She'd tell me to just focus on things I can control.

My Keys2Bliss Moment was when I honestly started just focusing on trying as best as I could to keep a positive attitude towards the things I was dealing with at the time. If it was out of my hands, I wouldn't let it negatively affect my well-being and just handle it the best I could. With this mindset going into situations, I wasn't getting stressed out so easily and letting external forces impact my life negatively.

I can't be thankful enough for my family and friends to help me throughout everything. They always checked up on me to see how I was doing and kept ensuring me that they're there if I ever needed anything. I realized that it's family over everything else.


Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. Looking back, I wish I could thank you for all the sacrifices you made to give

us a better life. I wish you were here to share the life experiences I still have to face, but I know you’re up there watching over me and I just hope I’m making you proud.

Happy Mothers Day

Love, your son

- Justin Toledo


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